Developing and delivering a optimum data strategy  

At JashTec we understand there are two major part of technology first and foremost is DATA TECHNOLOGY (DT) and other is INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT).

JashTec’s data science consultancy helps you to plan your strategy for drawing insights and actionable intelligence from your data, no matter how complex or vast the data is. Data complexity can manifest itself in many ways; from a lack of clear data structure to the variety of sources, incompleteness and uncertainty.

What We Do

Problems cannot be solved through data analysis in isolation, but require a solid understanding of the goals, constraints and policies of your organisation. We work closely with our clients to understand the domain for each problem and its operational requirements and context.

We help you to understand and plan strategically for the best approach to your data analysis challenges whilst maximising the benefit to the end user. Our agnostic approach to technologies and ability to quantitatively assess available options make us a trustworthy partner.

Data science consultancy

  • Working with organisations to understand their data and articulate their requirements, which then form the basis of long term data exploitation solutions.
  • An unbiased assessment of potential technology options in the area of ‘big data’ and data analytics to help you get the right solution for your budget and requirements.
  • Technology forecasting to aid strategic planning in the fast changing data science environment.
  • Advice on the governance of data analytics, including advising on the application of organisational and legal policies to data science problems. For example, the challenges of privacy when analysing data containing personal information.

 Our Background

JashTec is young energetic fast paced company with blend of classical and modern working principals and ethics. JashTec team has served clients across the Fashion, Pharma, Retail, Utilities, Social Media, Telecommunications and travel industries.

JashTec has a full portfolio of professional services to implement SAP software including SAP MDG for EAM, SAP MDG for Retail & Fashion Management and forth-coming SAP Asset Information Workbench. JashTec also performs separate services projects that address the following activities:

  • Master Data Governance
  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP Information Steward
  • Data strategy consulting
  • Data cleansing and enrichment

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